Celtic Mythology Male Names Guide & Meanings

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

Celtic names come from Irish and Welsh traditions. They are inspired by the ancient Celtic culture. This culture had a big impact on mythology and stories. These names show a sense of history and honor. They have deep meanings and follow long-held traditions.

Their legacy dates back to 1200 B.C. They are found in places like Britain, Ireland, France, and Spain today. Many people still choose Celtic names for their baby boys. In this guide, you can learn about 104 Celtic names for boys. We will discuss their meanings and where they come from. This will let you explore the magical world of Celtic mythology.

Aengus: One Strength

Aengus is from Old Irish and Scottish roots. It means “one strength.” Aengus was a god in Celtic mythology. He was known for justice, nobility, and commerce. This name symbolizes power and resilience.

Aidan: Little Fire

Aidan means “little fire” in Irish. It’s a common Celtic name for boys. It reflects passion and intensity. The name has a deep place in Irish culture. It brings a sense of warmth and energy.

Barry or Baire: Fair-Haired

Barry or Baire means “fair-haired.” It’s a traditional Celtic name. It implies beauty and brightness. Barry is deeply woven into Irish culture. It often signifies a strong tie to family and heritage.

Brendan: Prince or King

Brendan means “prince” or “king” in Irish. It’s a top choice for Celtic boys. It stands for strength and leadership. In myths, Brendan was an adventurous figure. His name adds to the name’s charm.

Brian: Power or Hill

Brian means “power” or “hill.” It’s a beloved Celtic name for boys. It shows strength and resilience. In Irish myth and history, many leaders were named Brian. They were known for their authority.

Cian: Ancient

Cian means “ancient” in Irish. It’s a favorite for Celtic boys. It symbolizes wisdom and heritage. The name is tied to many stories, making it classic and timeless.

Colin: Young Dog

Colin means a “young dog.” It’s a playful name for Celtic boys. It stands for cheerfulness and loyalty. Many choose it for its simplicity.

Fergus: Man of Vigor

Fergus means “man of vigor.” It’s a powerful Celtic boy name. It speaks of strength and energy. Many important people in Irish history shared this name. They were known for their bravery and spirit.


In the end, Celtic mythology gives us amazing names for baby boys. These names have a strong history and meaning. From Aengus to Fergus, each name is a piece of Celtic culture. By choosing a Celtic name, you honor this ancient tradition. You also give your child a name full of strength and history. Whether it’s the strength of Brian or the passion of Aidan, these names are magical.

Key Takeaways

  • Celtic names are rich in Irish and Welsh culture, inspired by the ancient Celts.
  • They hold deep meanings and connect to rich Celtic myths.
  • Popular Celtic names include Aengus, Aidan, Barry, Brendan, Brian, Cian, Colin, and Fergus.
  • Each name has a unique connection to Celtic stories and legend.
  • Choosing a Celtic name honors the ancient culture and adds a touch of tradition to your baby’s identity.

Aengus: One Strength

Aengus is a name from old Irish roots mixed with Scottish origin. It means “one strength.” This title comes from the ancient Celtic people, known for their rich stories. In Celtic tales, Aengus was a god of justice, nobility, and trade. Aengus symbolizes power and resilience.

“Aengus, the mighty god of Celtic tales, shows us what real strength and courage are. He had one strength that stood for justice and nobility, earning respect and admiration.”

Aengus’s name links back to Irish and Scottish ways, showing deep history and background. It finds its roots in the strength and bravery the ancient Celts prized. Scottish in origin and Irish at heart, Aengus means power and honor.

Meaning: One Strength

Aengus stands for the unmatched power of an individual. It celebrates the unique strength and drive to achieve big dreams. Aengus inspires as a leader, upholding justice and uniting others with enduring strength.

Celtic Mythology Connection

Aengus, from Celtic myths, was a god of justice and nobility. He was also skilled in trade, symbolizing prosperity through fair deals. Aengus was a powerful god, showing the qualities his name carries.

Popularity and Cultural Significance

Aengus is a name that means a lot in both Irish and Scottish cultures. It links deeply with Celtic stories and traditions. More and more, people choose Aengus for its power and noble meaning.

Pros Cons
Unique and distinctive May be difficult to pronounce for some
Symbolizes strength and resilience Less commonly known name
Deep-rooted cultural significance Can be seen as an unconventional choice

Aidan: Little Fire

Aidan is an Irish name that means “little fire.” It’s popular for Celtic name for boys, showing passion and intensity. The name has a big part in Irish culture and brings a sense of warmth.

The word Aidan comes from the Gaelic Aodhán, which is from “aodh,” meaning “fire” or “flame.” In Celtic stories, fire stood for change, cleaning, and life. Aidan represents this powerful, fiery energy, showing strength and willpower.

Many Irish names have deep connections to culture and heritage. Aidan’s link to fire is about more than just the element itself. It’s about feelings like passion, creativity, and warmth.

Picking Aidan for your little boy honors Ireland’s history and traditions. It gives your child a name linked with strength, charm, and even a bit of magic.

Notable people named Aidan:

  • Aidan Quinn – An Irish-American actor known for his roles in “Legends of the Fall” and “Benny & Joon.”
  • Aiden Turner – An Irish actor recognized for his portrayal of Kíli in “The Hobbit” film trilogy.
  • Aiden English – A professional wrestler who competed in WWE’s SmackDown brand.
  • Aidan Gallagher – An American actor and musician who gained fame for his role in the TV series “The Umbrella Academy.”

Aidan is not just famous in Ireland but also worldwide. It’s a name parents like for its mix of strength and softness, energy and warmth.

Key Features Details
Origin Gaelic
Meaning Little Fire
Popularity Widely popular
Significance Passion, intensity, warmth

Barry or Baire: Fair-Haired

Barry or Baire is an Irish name that means “fair-haired.” This traditional Celtic name stands for beauty and brightness. In Irish culture, the name Barry represents a deep link to ancestry and heritage.

Origins and Meanings

The name Barry comes from Ireland and has ties to Celtic myths. It means having light-colored or blond hair, showing radiance and beauty.

Rich Celtic Heritage

Barry is a respected name in Ireland because of its historical and ancestry value. It brings a sense of pride and connects people to Irish heritage.

“Barry, with its meaning of fair-haired, encapsulates the beauty and brightness associated with the Irish culture.”

Timeless Appeal

Barry or Baire remains a favorite name for many parents. It is both meaningful and culturally rich. This makes it a much-loved name in many families.

Notable Namesakes

Barry has been carried by famous people in literature, music, sports, and politics. These people have made significant contributions to their fields.

Name Profession
Barry Bonds Baseball player
Barry White Singer-songwriter
Barry Fitzgerald Actor
Barry Jenkins Director

They showcase the diverse successes connected with the name Barry or Baire. This adds to its appeal and cultural importance.

Brendan: Prince or King

Brendan means “prince” or “king” in Irish. Many choose this name for Celtic baby boys because it shows strength and leadership. In Irish mythology, Brendan was a famous character known for his adventures and journeys. This makes the name even more special.

It’s said Brendan took on a big voyage, the “Voyage of Saint Brendan,” to find the Isle of the Blessed. This journey stunned many, showing Brendan’s courage, curiosity, and thirst for adventure.

The name Brendan hints at royalty and nobility, bringing a feeling of grandness. With its Celtic background, it’s well-liked by Irish families. It signifies the history of kings and princes from the past.

“Brendan, a name fit for a prince or a king, carries the spirit of leadership and the allure of epic adventures.”

Deciding on Brendan for your child means honoring Celtic heritage and myths. It shows a deep sense of heroism and combines strength, courage, and wisdom.

Brian: Power or Hill

Brian means “power” or “hill” in English and Irish. It’s a well-known Celtic name for boys. It shows strength and resilience.

In Irish history, many important Brians stood out. They were High Kings of Ireland. These kings showed great leadership and authority.


This picture shows a majestic hill. It stands for the strength and resilience of the name Brian.

Cian: Ancient

Cian is an Irish name meaning “ancient.” It’s a beloved Celtic name for boys, standing for wisdom and heritage. This name is tied to Irish myths; Cian fathered the famed hero Lugh Lámfada.

Choosing Cian reflects a deep Irish cultural connection. It brings to mind the ancient Celtic era, known for valuing wisdom. By naming your son Cian, he inherits a legacy rich in significance and wisdom.

“Cian: Ancient, wise, and connected to the mythical realms of Irish folklore.”

In Irish tales, Cian had a leading role, being Lugh Lámfada’s father. Lugh, a hero of great wisdom and skill, symbolized bravery and intelligence. Naming your child Cian links him to this respected ancestral line, bringing noble traits.

Cian’s name signifies enduring tradition and excellence. It’s been treasured for ages, linking our present to a historic, myth-steeped past. By naming your baby Cian, you gift him a timeless heritage filled with wisdom and legend.

Colin: Young Dog

Colin means “young dog” in Scottish Gaelic and English. This name is often chosen for boys. It shows playfulness and loyalty like a dog.

Naming your baby boy Colin brings together Scottish Gaelic and English. This mix adds a special meaning to the name.

Colin, just like a young dog, is curious, full of energy, and loyal. It symbolizes the fun and faithfulness of boys.

Colin: Young Dog

Colin has been a beloved name for a long time. It is simple and attractive, fitting many kinds of boys well.

Looking for a name with Scottish Gaelic heritage and English charm? Colin is a great pick for your son, combining tradition with liveliness.

Fergus: Man of Vigor

Fergus is a strong Celtic name for boys. It means “man of vigor” in Irish and Scottish. In Irish mythology and history, many great men were named Fergus. They were known for courage and strength.

The name Fergus has deep meanings in Irish and Scottish cultures. In Irish mythology, Fergus mac Róich was a brave warrior. He showed great courage and strength in the story of the Táin Bó Cúailnge. This is a legendary Irish tale.

“Fergus, a name rooted in Celtic mythology, exudes strength and vitality, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a powerful name for their baby boy.”

Fergus stands for courage, vigor, and resilience. It’s a great choice for parents wanting to give their child a strong, vibrant name.


Celtic mythology brings a unique collection of names for baby boys. These names link back to Irish and Welsh roots, filled with history and honor. Whether it’s Aengus or Fergus, each name tells a tale from the ancient Celtic world.

Choosing a Celtic name lets you dive into a magical realm of myth. It gives your baby boy a name that echoes strength, resilience, and tradition. Brian’s might and Aidan’s fire add magic to any child’s name.


What is the meaning and origin of the name Aengus?

Aengus comes from Irish and Scottish roots. It means “one against many.” In Celtic myths, Aengus was linked to fairness, honor, and trade. The name shows strength and the ability to bounce back.

What does the name Aidan symbolize?

Aidan stands for “little fire” in Irish. It shows zeal and fervor. The name brings to mind energy and a warm spirit. It’s well-loved in Ireland.

What does the name Barry or Baire mean?

Barry or Baire means “fair-haired” in Irish. It points to beauty and light. This Celtic name reflects a strong closeness to family and tradition.

What is the significance of the name Brendan?

Brendan means “prince” or “king” in Irish. This name speaks of leadership and might. Notably, it was the name of a legendary Irish explorer who had many adventures.

What does the name Brian represent?

Brian means “power” or “hill” in English or Irish. It tells of strength and the ability to overcome. Many leaders and kings in Irish lore were named Brian because of their power.

What does the name Cian symbolize?

Cian stands for “ancient” in Irish. It hints at wisdom and history. Cian, the father of the hero Lugh, ties this name to powerful Celtic tales, making it a choice for its long-lasting meaning.

What does the name Colin signify?

Colin means a “young dog” in Scottish Gaelic and English. It brings to mind fun and loyalty. The name is simple yet carries a lot of charm. It captures the lively spirit of youth.

What does the name Fergus mean?

Fergus means “man of vigor” in Irish and Scottish. It portrays strength and energy. In Irish history and myths, many heroes and kings bore the name Fergus.

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