Chinese Urban Legends and Ghostly Tales

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

Chinese urban legends mix mysterious folklore with haunting tales. These have been told for generations. They explore the supernatural and traditional myths in China. The country’s folklore includes stories of ghosts and myths that will make you shiver.

Picture yourself in ancient China’s dimly lit streets. You’re surrounded by whispers about ghosts and strange happenings. It’s a moonlit night. Incense scents fill the heavy air. Walking deeper into the city, you feel a chilling sensation. It’s like someone is watching you.

In a narrow alley, there’s a small teahouse. Its sign is faded but the door is open, welcoming you in. Inside, the room buzzes with locals exchanging stories. They talk about ghosts and otherworldly events. You sit at a table, listening intently.

One person tells of a haunted temple outside the city. It’s said a vengeful spirit haunts the place. The story includes details like flickering candles and strange footsteps. It sends a shiver down your spine.

Another story is about a mysterious river creature. Locals tell of its glowing eyes and eerie cries at night. Some doubt its existence, but fear of it is real.

Listening to more stories, you’re captivated by each tale. The rich tradition of Chinese urban legends connects deeply with the country’s history and culture.

Finally leaving the teahouse, you walk the streets with thoughts of ghostly encounters. The stories stay with you, sparking an interest in China’s supernatural lore.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chinese urban legends are a captivating blend of mysterious folklore and haunting tales.
  • These stories explore traditional myths and mythological beliefs in China.
  • Ghostly legends and spooky urban myths are common themes in Chinese folklore.
  • Chinese urban legends often reflect the country’s rich history and cultural beliefs.
  • Exploring Chinese urban legends can provide a glimpse into the eerie side of Chinese culture.

The Hello Kitty Murder – A Haunting Crime in Hong Kong

In May 1999, a violent crime shocked Hong Kong. It was known as “The Hello Kitty Murder”. A 13-year-old girl told the police a murdered woman was haunting her. This woman was Fan Man-yee, a nightclub hostess, missing for a year. The investigation revealed a terrifying scene, making this case a chilling urban legend.

The Haunted Zhongyin Building in Shenzhen

The Zhongyin Building in Shenzhen is famous for its spooky happenings. Stories about vengeful spirits and a harmful curse keep people away. Because of this, businesses don’t stay open long, and rent is shockingly cheap.

This building’s scary history comes from being an execution site. The land is thought to be cursed, making weird things happen inside. People talk about seeing ghosts, hearing strange noises, and feeling scared for no reason.

Witnesses have described seeing shadowy figures moving through the corridors, hearing disembodied voices, and feeling icy drafts even on the warmest of days. These ghostly manifestations have solidified the Zhongyin Building’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Shenzhen.

Despite its scary stories, the Zhongyin Building holds an important place in Shenzhen. It reminds people of the city’s past and keeps them interested in its ghost stories.

Paranormal Experiences in the Zhongyin Building

Many people have had spooky encounters in the Zhongyin Building. Some saw ghosts, some felt cold spots, and others felt like they were being watched.

One person, Mr. Chen, shared his story: “As I closed my shop one night, I heard footsteps behind me. Turning found no one. I felt a chill that made my neck hairs stand.”

The Zhongyin Building has attracted both investigators and the curious. While some think it’s all just stories, others swear it’s haunted based on their experiences.

The Legacy of the Zhongyin Building

The Zhongyin Building’s ghost stories are a big part of Shenzhen’s culture. People visit, hoping to see something paranormal.

Even with its haunted rep, the building houses businesses and draws visitors. Its ghostly past makes it more interesting, adding mystery to the city’s stories.

Haunted Zhongyin Building Ghostly Legends in Shenzhen Cursed Plot of Land Paranormal Activities
Supernatural occurrences Historical execution ground Low rent and short business lifespan Eerie encounters and unexplained sounds
Sightings of shadowy figures Disembodied voices and icy drafts Chilling reports from witnesses Investigation by paranormal experts
Thrill-seekers and skeptics Integration into Shenzhen’s folklore Persistent curiosity Eternal haunting reputation

The Mongolian Death Worm – A Cryptid of the Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert, a vast and desolate area, is home to the legendary Mongolian Death Worm. This eerie desert dweller is known locally as the cryptid of China. It has sparked curiosity in both those living nearby and far-off explorers.

The Mongolian Death Worm looks fearsome with its red, ridged body. It’s said to have a deadly venom that can kill with just one touch. Some believe it can even spit this venom, adding to its terrifying reputation.

Its legend connects to missing persons in the Gobi Desert. Many blame the creature for these disappearances. This mystery only adds to the fear and wonder around it.

“The Mongolian Death Worm is a cryptid known for its mystery and dread. Despite many expeditions, no solid evidence of its existence has been found,” explained Professor Li Wei, a leading expert in cryptids and folklore.

Even though it’s rarely seen, people are still fascinated by the Mongolian Death Worm. Many continue to explore the Gobi Desert hoping to find proof of this mysterious beast.

The Mongolian Death Worm is a captivating part of Chinese folklore. Its mysterious and forbidding connection to the desert has made it a creature of both horror and allure.

The Legend of the Dragon Pillar in Shanghai

The Dragon Pillar is a gem on Shanghai’s Yan’an Elevated Road. It’s not just a work of art but also the star of a captivating urban legend. This story tells of the struggles in building the pillar, blamed on mystical forces. Only a monk’s sacred act from a nearby temple cleared the way for its completion.

Fengshui masters, keen on China’s deep superstitious roots, knew the dragon under the pillar needed respect. They advised decorating the pillar with detailed dragon motifs. This was to honor the protective dragon below.

The Dragon Pillar’s design and embellishments reflect the intricate bond between architecture, supernatural beliefs, and ancient folklore. It stands as a testament to the enduring traditions that have shaped Chinese society for centuries.

This tale of the guardian dragon drew everyone in. People and tourists alike find this pillar not just an architectural feat but a symbol of spiritual and mythical forces. It reflects both the skilled hands behind it and the belief in the supernatural.

The Supernatural Connection

China’s culture has always valued the supernatural. Stories of mystical beings and guardian spirits are common in their folklore. The tale of the Dragon Pillar highlights their deep faith in these supernatural forces.

This story also sheds light on the role of fengshui masters. They are crucial in maintaining the balance between man and nature. Their use of fengshui brings about prosperous and peaceful surroundings.

A Glimpse into Ancient Folklore

The Dragon Pillar story takes us back to ancient times. Through oral traditions, these myths have been preserved and handed down. It’s a window into Chinese culture’s rich connection to the supernatural.

The story’s lasting appeal shows how it strikes a chord with people wanting to understand the link between architecture, spirituality, and ancient beliefs. The Dragon Pillar stands as a testament to the strong impact of folklore on communities.

Dragon Pillar legend

Key Elements of the Dragon Pillar Legend Symbolism
The Dragon Pillar’s construction challenges overcome by a local temple’s monk Signifies the power of spirituality in overcoming obstacles
Addition of dragon decorations to honor the guardian dragon Represents protection and harmony with nature
Supernatural beliefs and fengshui masters’ involvement Highlights the influence of ancient beliefs on architecture and daily life
The enduring popularity of the urban legend Reflects the fascination with Chinese folklore and supernatural connections

The Haunting of Liwan Plaza in Guangzhou

Liwan Plaza in Guangzhou has a hidden chilling secret. It is said to be haunted. This is due to the belief that it stands on an ancient burial site. The legend of haunted Liwan Plaza has captured the interest of many people.

The haunting began when the plaza was built. Workers disturbed eight coffins underground. These coffins were there to keep evil away. Their disturbance brought about a curse. This curse is said to cause strange noises and events. Sadly, it has also led to mysterious deaths, making Liwan Plaza known for its scary reputation.

“Liwan Plaza has always had an eerie atmosphere,” states Mia Chen, an enthusiast of local legends. “Whispers, footsteps, and cries from afar are among the sounds people report. The curse is truly felt throughout the area.”

Locals believe the curse is due to the coffins being disturbed. The coffins were supposed to stop evil forces. By disturbing them, the balance of the supernatural and the living was upset. This allowed the plaza to be haunted by these forces.

Supernatural Influences and Urban Legends in Guangzhou

Liwan Plaza’s haunting is just one story in Guangzhou. This city is famous for its tales of the supernatural. Many believe in the spirits and beings from other worlds.

Guangzhou’s legends include stories of haunted places and ghostly events. These tales show the deep belief in the supernatural. They also highlight the importance of these stories in Chinese culture.

Step into Guangzhou’s world of urban legends. Find out about the spooky mysteries hidden in this fascinating city.

Haunting of Liwan Plaza – Supernatural Events
Date Event
October 22, 1998 Visitor reports hearing disembodied whispers and encountering a shadowy figure.
March 10, 2004 A security camera captures unexplained movement and objects falling off shelves in an empty store.
May 5, 2012 A shop owner mysteriously disappears without a trace. The case remains unsolved.
June 19, 2018 A visitor claims to have been pushed by an unseen force while exploring the fourth floor of the plaza.

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Nanjing Soldiers

In 1939, about 3,000 Chinese soldiers near Nanjing disappeared, creating a baffling mystery. This event has puzzled historians and military experts since it occurred.

The soldiers were defending a key bridge against the Japanese. However, the investigation found the bridge empty, showing no signs of a struggle.

Many questions linger about the Nanjing soldiers’ fate. Were they kidnapped? Or did they choose to leave their post? Could it be something beyond our understanding?

There are many theories about what happened to the soldiers. Some talk of enemy plans or paranormal events. But none of these theories have been proven, deepening the mystery.

“The Nanjing soldiers’ disappearance presents a deep mystery in history, unsolved despite many debates and investigations. This event continues to stir curiosity, intriguing both researchers and the general public.”

The Nanjing soldiers’ vanishing reminds us of the unknowns and mysteries in our world. It serves as a reminder of how complex human life can be, even during times of conflict.

Nanjing soldiers' disappearance

Notable Points:

  • Approximately 3,000 Chinese soldiers stationed near Nanjing vanished without a trace during the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1939.
  • The soldiers were assigned to defend a critical bridge, but upon investigation, the site was completely abandoned.
  • The Nanjing soldiers’ disappearance remains an unsolved mystery, with theories ranging from covert enemy operations to paranormal activity.
  • No concrete evidence or conclusive answers have emerged, leaving the eerie nature of this mass disappearance unresolved.

The Haunted Last Bus of Beijing’s Fragrant Hills

The last bus to Beijing’s Fragrant Hills is rumored to be haunted. People say mysterious passengers ride it. One time, a young man saw three men in Qing Dynasty clothing. They acted weird and argued with an old woman. This has become a famous ghost story in Beijing.

Spooky Urban Legends from China – A Collection of Haunting Myths

China is filled with spooky urban legends that explore the supernatural. These legends include ghost sightings and strange creatures. They’ve been passed down for ages. Chinese folklore is rich in such stories, offering a deep, chilling dive into myths. Get ready to be captivated and maybe even a little scared by the legends of the Middle Kingdom.

Chinese urban legends have a vast scope of haunting myths from supernatural stories and Chinese folklore. For centuries, people have enjoyed and shared these eerie stories, making Chinese culture more mysterious and thrilling. Whether you’re into stories about ghostly apparitions or dark creatures, Chinese urban legends have something for everyone, making it a captivating adventure.

Supernatural stories always have a special allure, and Chinese urban legends are no different. They tell of spooky places, ghosts seeking revenge, and strange happenings. These stories have been passed down to entertain, teach lessons, and offer a glimpse into the Chinese people’s beliefs and fears. They connect us through the shared experience of mystery and wonder.

Chinese folklore is like a treasure trove of haunting myths. It takes you on a journey where the real world meets the supernatural. The stories bring ancient beliefs and mythological creatures to life. Anyone who hears these tales is sure to carry the experience with them forever.

From abandoned buildings filled with spirits to mysterious figures in the shadows, these eerie tales offer a peek into the unknown. These stories entertain and remind us of the mysteries that may lie just beyond our understanding.

Unraveling the mysteries: The Five Ghost Passes

The Five Ghost Passes tells of five spooky spots in Beijing haunted by ghosts. Locals say these spots bring bad luck or even death if you see a ghost. Many thrill-seekers visit these places for a scare.

  1. The first ghost pass is an old mansion on Yinchang Street. Ghostly figures are said to walk its halls at night.
  2. In a quiet park, the second ghost pass waits. People have heard strange voices while walking there at night.
  3. The third ghost pass is an old factory. An angry ghost of a worker supposedly haunts it.
  4. Under the city, the fourth ghost pass exists. It is said to be home to the ghosts of people who died building it.
  5. The last, fifth ghost pass, warns of lost souls in Old Beijing’s alleys. It’s said to be dangerous after midnight.

Haunting Creatures of Chinese Urban Legends

Creature Description
The Jiangshi A hopping vampire-like creature that sucks the life force out of its victims.
The Nine-Tailed Fox A shape-shifting fox with nine tails, known for its cunning nature and seductive powers.
The Zhong Kui A fearsome demon hunter and protector against evil spirits.
The Nian A legendary beast that terrorizes villages during Chinese New Year.
The White Snake Spirit A benevolent serpent spirit that can take on human form and falls in love with a mortal man.

These fascinating creatures populate Chinese urban legends, making them more intriguing and frightening.


Chinese urban legends highlight the strong hold of storytelling. They show people’s deep interest in supernatural tales. These stories mix eerie folklore, chilling anecdotes, and traditional myths. Together, they keep audiences spellbound. Stories range from the eerie Hello Kitty Murder to terrifying ghost tales. They offer a spooky peek into China’s cultural backdrop.

Exploring Chinese urban legends opens a door to creepy folklore and spooky beliefs. They shine a light on China’s rich mythical tapestry, reflecting its deep creative spirit. Whether you’re into vanished mysteries or fascinating mythical beings, these stories have something you’ll like.

So, journey to the hidden parts of Chinese tales and discover their secrets. These stories range from supernatural accounts to age-old myths, intriguing for any curious mind. Dive into the mystery and fascination with Chinese urban legends. Wishing you thrilling adventures!


What are Chinese urban legends?

Chinese urban legends mix mysterious folklore with spooky tales. These have been shared over years. They touch on supernatural themes and Chinese traditions.

What kind of stories are included in Chinese urban legends?

They feature ghostly tales, eerie urban myths, and other supernatural elements. These are a key part of China’s cultural narratives.

Can you give examples of Chinese urban legends?

Examples include the Hello Kitty Murder. There’s also the haunted Zhongyin Building. Plus, the Mongolian death worm and more. Each story is a mix of mystery and suspense.The Dragon Pillar in Shanghai and Liwan Plaza’s haunting show China’s rich folklore. The story of the Nanjing soldiers and Beijing’s Fragrant Hills last bus add to the intrigue.

Are these stories based on real events?

Some Chinese urban legends might have real roots. Still, many are tales passed on through generations. The distinction between fact and fiction can be unclear.

Are Chinese urban legends a popular topic in China?

Yes, they are a big hit in China. These tales grab the audience with rich myth and supernatural elements.

Do Chinese urban legends have any cultural significance?

Absolutely, they mirror the love for supernatural stories. Chinese urban legends also shed light on culture and traditional beliefs. They’ve entertained and intrigued for ages.

Can Chinese urban legends be found in other parts of the world?

While mostly focused on China, their influence may extend globally. Some tales could have inspired legends in different cultures.

Are there any famous Chinese urban legends that have become well-known worldwide?

The Hello Kitty Murder shocked many and grabbed headlines worldwide. This shows how it’s become a major Chinese urban legend known everywhere.

Are there any ongoing investigations or studies on Chinese urban legends?

Yes, researchers and scholars are still exploring these legends. They look into their cultural importance, in areas like folklore and mythology. This work continues to deepen our understanding.

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