Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide to 50 Fascinating Beasts – Book Review

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

“Cryptid Creatures: A Field Guide” is the new authoritative book on the study of cryptozoology that cryptid enthusiasts have been waiting for. This comprehensive guide covers 50 cryptids from around the world that blur the line between myth and reality.

The authors have done their research, pulling together credible eyewitness accounts, scientific analyses, newspaper articles, and any other available evidence for each cryptid entry. Rather than getting bogged down in far-fetched theories, the cryptids are given a straightforward “Reality Rating” from 1-6 to indicate if they are likely a hoax or an accepted real creature.

What sets this book apart are the illustrations. Instead of cheesy amateur drawings, the cryptids are rendered in speculative, realistic illustrations that make these beasts feel more tangible and plausible. It’s an immersive visual approach that grounds the book in facts over fable.

For anyone interested in cryptozoology as a field of study, “Cryptid Creatures” looks to be the well-researched, organized guide that has been missing. It doesn’t get carried away with the hype and buffs up the evidence in an even-handed way. It simply lays out the most current information on 50 fascinating cryptids for readers to examine and draw their own conclusions.

Overall, this reads as a credible and comprehensive resource that cryptozoology fans and researchers will want on their shelves. No more wading through convoluted online theories – just the cryptids, the facts, and an honest analysis of where each creature lands between real and still undiscovered. A welcome new guide for this niche field.