Freaky Folklore: Terrifying Tales of the World’s Most Elusive Monsters and Enigmatic Cryptids *Pre-Order Now

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

The world of mythical monsters and beasts is about to be unleashed like never before. Slated for release soon, the highly-anticipated “Freaky Folklore” promises to be a definitive and delightfully ghoulish compendium of over 50 of folklore’s most fearsome creatures.

As fans eagerly await this macabre treasure, the mind understandably races with tantalizing visions based on the preview details. Vivid illustrations seem poised to bring each disturbing monster into gut-wrenching reality on the page. From the fabled blood-draining chupacabra to the haunting kuchisake-onna, this deliciously dark volume vows an intimate look at the unsettling legends behind it all.

What’s more, the masterminds behind “Freaky Folklore” are none other than the entities operating the leading Eeriecast horror podcast network. This pedigree of pure fear immediately elevates expectations. One can’t help but wonder what bone-chilling accounts and startling folklore await their curation of these creatures.

Beyond just scaring us senseless, early buzz hints that “Freaky Folklore” will dive deeper, unearthing the rich cultural contexts and unspeakable true tales surrounding beasts like the Jersey Devil and the towering moehau cryptid. Such obsessive detail proves this book aims to be the definitive work on the subject.

In short, the hype is undeniable. Mark your calendars and prepare to become intimately acquainted with the terrifying worlds of “Freaky Folklore” upon its release. This inevitable classic is shaping up to be a must-own for any true horror devotee or fan of the deeply disturbed.