Long Island Urban Legends & Myths

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

Long Island is full of stories and myths handed down over time. These tales add a mystery and allure to the area, both for locals and visitors. They range from haunted places to myths and legends, offering plenty of spooky stories.

Picture yourself in an old mansion’s dark hallway, feeling like someone’s behind you. Or near a hidden swamp, where stories of a werewolf scare you. These stories are part of what makes Long Island’s folklore so chilling.

Some stories are tied to real history or local tall tales, but others are purely from imagination. Still, these myths and legends make Long Island special. They draw in those who seek adventures and thrills in the unknown.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long Island is filled with captivating urban legends and mythical tales.
  • From haunted places to local myths and legends, the island offers a plethora of spooky stories.
  • Some legends are rooted in historical events, while others are products of imagination.
  • These urban legends contribute to the unique character and spooky charm of Long Island.
  • Exploring the mysterious realm of Long Island’s urban legends is an adventure in itself.

The Legend of the Were-Wolf of Boggy Swamp

The Were-Wolf of Boggy Swamp is a captivating urban legend from Long Island. Back in the Revolutionary War, patriots used Boggy Swamp in Glen Cove to hide from the British. They supposedly made up the Werewolf story to scare the British away from their hiding place.

This legend adds an interesting twist to the area’s history. Despite no proof of a Werewolf, the tale is still well-known today.

Boggy Swamp was an ideal hideout for the patriots. Its thick plants and deep, dark waters kept the British out, helping the patriots escape capture. Intentionally, a story about a Werewolf was spread to keep the British soldiers at bay.

“Beware, ye who enter Boggy Swamp! The Were-Wolf lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce upon any British soldier with its ferocious fangs,” warned the patriots.

Telling the story of the Were-Wolf likely scared the British. It was a smart way to protect the patriots hiding there.

The Were-Wolf tale is likely not true, but it highlights Glen Cove’s history. It talks about how brave and smart the patriots were in fighting for freedom during the Revolutionary War.

Exploring Boggy Swamp Today

Today, Boggy Swamp is a place full of history and natural beauty. Walking there lets you think about the patriots’ courage and cleverness from the past.

The Legend of Indian Hill Hollow

In the town of Amaganset, Long Island, folk tell the Legend of Indian Hill Hollow. They say an old crippled Indian watched the village’s cows. His home was in a wigwam in Indian Well Hollow. The people thought of him as their friend.

Even after he died, many felt his spirit lingered in the hollow. This gives the place a mysterious feel, mixed with stories from Native American culture.

The Amityville Horror

The legend of the Amityville Horror is widely known on Long Island. It’s about a house on Ocean Avenue in Amityville. There, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six family members in 1974. George and Kathleen Lutz later claimed they saw ghosts during their brief time there. Their supernatural tale was turned into a book and a scary movie.

“We moved into a house where a murder had taken place, and the house was haunted with unseen forces.”

Some people doubt the Amityville Horror story. Yet, it still grabs people’s attention and makes them think about ghostly events. The house is now a place for those who enjoy being scared or are interested in the paranormal.

The Amityville Horror is an enduring urban legend. It fascinates many, still making people wary of the spooky Amityville house.

The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project is a well-known conspiracy theory. It talks about a secret set of tests at Camp Hero in Montauk. These tests touched on mind control, time travel, and psychotronics.

Believers think that a hidden arm of the government did these tests. The aim was to get good at changing people’s minds and messing with time. They say the experiments looked into if we could change the past or future.

But, there’s not much proof these events really happened. Still, many think the area has secret bases and tests that keep going. This makes the whole story even more mysterious and interesting for those who love conspiracy theories.

“The Montauk Project has become the stuff of legends, captivating those who are drawn to tales of government secrets and clandestine operations.”

Some say the Montauk Project is pure fiction. Yet, it keeps drawing people in, raising questions about what governments might do.

It shows us how much we love mysteries and want to know the truth about hidden government actions. Whether it’s true or not, the Montauk Project makes us think about our world in new ways.

Theories and Controversies

  1. Some think the Montauk Project is connected to the Philadelphia Experiment. They believe it aimed to develop what was tried in making the USS Eldridge vanish from radar.
  2. Others say aliens may have been part of the game. They claim the tests included cooperation with beings from other planets. This was to control minds and maybe even travel between dimensions.
  3. The stories about Camp Hero and the Montauk Project inspired “Stranger Things.” This show pays tribute to the mysterious and maybe real experiments on people and time.

The Montauk Project stays interesting and inspirational. It shows just how much we’re curious about the unknown and what might be beyond our understanding.

Montauk Project conspiracy image

The Haunting of Sagtikos Manor

Sagtikos Manor in West Bay Shore is a historic house known for its dark past. Over three centuries, it has gathered many tales of ghosts and strange happenings. Stories include Indian canoes appearing mysteriously, a woman in white causing accidents, and former residents’ ghostly sightings. The manor has even spooked its docents, adding to its haunted reputation.

These haunting stories of Sagtikos Manor have intrigued locals and tourists. They weave an eerie tale around the manor’s already rich history. Walking through its well-kept rooms and grounds, one can easily imagine the spirits from its past still lingering.

The Mystery of Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center was home to over 9,000 patients. It’s known as one of Long Island’s most haunted places. This reputation comes from the suffering the patients went through there, starting from when it opened in 1885.

It closed in 1996, but the spooky stories haven’t stopped. People still report seeing ghosts and other strange things. The legends around this place have become part of the island’s lore, giving it a scary vibe.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it before. The atmosphere in those abandoned buildings is heavy with an unexplainable presence. It’s like the spirits of the past are still lingering, unable to find peace,” said Sarah Johnson, a paranormal enthusiast.

Many have stories of ghostly voices and figures in the abandoned center. Some even say they’ve felt a deep sense of fear there. Experts in the paranormal have collected some spooky evidence, like ghostly voices in recordings and eerie photos.

Building 93, also known as the “Psychic Center,” is especially famous for its hauntings. The patients there were under severe conditions. Because of this, many ghost stories come from this part of the center.

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

The Haunting of Building 93

There’s a scary story about Building 93 of Kings Park Psychiatric Center. It’s about the spirits of the people who died there. They say these spirits still try to communicate with the living.

People have heard whispers, cries, and strange footsteps in the empty building. Experts in the paranormal have heard and seen things that support these stories. They have recordings of ghostly voices and photos of possible ghosts.

Despite its frightening past, Kings Park Psychiatric Center still draws many visitors interested in the supernatural. It continues to be the center of many spooky stories. And it’s still part of the haunted history of Long Island.

The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster is a strange creature that caught the eye of people on Long Island. Back in 2008, the remains of a strange animal ended up on a beach. It looked unusual, which got everyone wondering what it was.

Many ideas came up about what it might be. Some thought it was just a common animal, like a raccoon or a dog. But others believed it might be from outer space. The mystery deepened because no one could say for sure.

There was even talk that it was tied to the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. This place has always been whispered about in conspiracy tales. While it was never proven, it made the story of the Montauk Monster even more intriguing.

The story of the Montauk Monster keeps drawing in both locals and tourists. People keep thinking and talking about where it came from and what it all means. It’s a story that highlights the surprises of nature and gets everyone thinking about the secret stories hidden in the ocean.

The Haunted Legacy of Grumman Memorial Park

Grumman Memorial Park honors achievements in flying and space. But, it’s not just a place of pride. It’s said to be full of spooky happenings and things science can’t explain.

People visiting report seeing strange things and feeling odd around their cars. The peaceful park can get a bit scary as the past seems to come alive.

“As I walked through the park, a sudden gust of wind chilled me to the core. I felt a distinct presence, as if I was being watched.” – Visitor testimonial

People have many ideas about why the park might be haunted. Some point to old military tests, while others think it’s a magnetic field. But, the mystery adds to the park’s historic charm.

Theories and Speculations

One idea is the park’s past with Grumman Aerospace brings back worker’s spirits. They could be remembering their love for making new aircraft.

Another theory links the park with a nearby military site. People think this could be why there’s strange energy or spirits. They might still be there from long ago.

Phenomena Encountered at Grumman Memorial Park

Many eerie events have been noticed by visitors at Grumman Memorial Park:

  • Shadowy figures are seen, making visitors feel like they’re being observed.
  • There are sounds and voices that can’t be explained, making people curious and uneasy.
  • Flickering lights and other electrical issues happen without a known cause.
  • Strange drops in temperature, unexpected wind gusts, and a feeling of something bad about to happen are experienced.
  • Some say they’ve seen UFOs and aliens, suggesting more than just ghosts might be here.

The mystery of the park continues to grow with each visitor’s account, making it a place known for more than its history.

Paranormal Activity Extraterrestrial Sightings
Apparitions Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
Disembodied Voices Mysterious Lights
Temperature Drops Unexplained Phenomena
Electrical Disturbances Surreal Encounters


Long Island is filled with stories that have been told for years. These tales make the island special. From the scary Amityville Horror to the odd Montauk Project, the legends fascinate people. They continue to thrill both locals and those just visiting.

Some stories are based on real events. Others come from people’s imaginations. But all of them add to Long Island’s unique culture. They show how stories help us understand our world. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story or a mystery about strange beings?

When you visit Long Island, dive into its folklore. Hear the old stories and imagine the spooky tales. These urban legends will excite you and make you curious. They leave long lasting wonder, even after you’ve left the island.


What are some famous urban legends on Long Island?

Long Island has many intriguing urban legends. These include the Were-Wolf of Boggy Swamp, the Legend of Indian Hill Hollow, and the Amityville Horror. There’s also the Montauk Project, just to name a few.

Is there any evidence to support the urban legends on Long Island?

Some legends on Long Island tie to real history or old stories. These might be from the Revolutionary War time or Native American lore. Others, however, are purely from the world of make-believe. Proof for things like ghosts is often hard to find.

Have there been any documented sightings or encounters with the urban legends?

People do say they’ve seen ghostly things or felt strange happenings tied to these stories. But, these tales should be taken with a pinch of salt. They mostly come from what people say or write, not hard evidence.

Are there any haunted places on Long Island?

Yes, there are plenty of places said to be haunted on Long Island. This includes the Amityville House and Sagtikos Manor. Also, the Kings Park Psychiatric Center and Grumman Memorial Park. They are all reportedly visited by spirits.

Can I visit the sites mentioned in the urban legends?

Many famous sites from these stories can be visited, like the Amityville House. They often have tours for visitors. But always remember to follow the rules, and keep an open mind about what you might see or hear.

Are there any movies or books based on the urban legends of Long Island?

Yes, the Amityville Horror stands out as a story turned into both a book and movies. It’s a well-known Long Island legend. The Montauk Project has also sparked interest in various conspiracy theory books and films.

What is the significance of urban legends on Long Island?

Urban legends and myths are key parts of Long Island’s culture and folklore. They bring mystery and a bit of magic to the area. These tales are enjoyed by both locals and those just visiting the area.

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