The Best Mythology Podcasts and Channels to Explore

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

Mythology has been an intriguing world for a long time, filled with old stories from many different cultures. With the rise of podcasts and online shows, you can now dive deep into these mythical tales. Learn about gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters. This article shows the best podcasts and channels to get started with.

If you love stories or are simply curious, these resources have something for you. Shows talk about Greek and Roman myths to Celtic and Norse tales. They all share the excitement and insight, thanks to lively hosts and expert guests.

Get ready to explore the magical realm of myths with the top podcasts and channels. These stories are not just ancient but still shape how we see the world today.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a diverse range of mythology podcasts and channels covering a variety of cultural traditions and storytelling styles.
  • Discover engaging narratives, insightful analyses, and immersive experiences that bring ancient myths, folklore, and legendary tales to life.
  • Unravel the fascinating stories and characters of gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters from diverse mythological landscapes.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the enduring power and relevance of mythology in the modern world.
  • Embark on a mythical journey that transports you to realms of the divine, the heroic, and the fantastical.

Embark on a Mythical Journey

Mythology is a world full of amazing stories and characters. These tales come from all around the globe and throughout history. Podcasts and channels help us explore these ancient stories.

Listeners can dive into different mythological worlds. They learn about gods, heroes, and monsters which continue to fascinate. Mythology remains popular, inspiring people everywhere.

Unravel the Captivating World of Mythology

Ancient Greece and Rome brought us grand epics. The folklore of Celtic and Norse myths is also enchanting. Podcasts open doors to these ancient tales.

Through podcasts, we can explore stories that influenced many cultures. They helped create the myths and stories we know today. These are key parts of world history.

Discover Ancient Stories and Legends

Podcasts and channels take us on a journey through ancient tales and traditions. We get to know Greek and Roman gods, and Celtic and Norse folklore. These stories keep their magic even today.

Stories about gods and heroes teach us about life and courage. They give us a better understanding of the world. Mythology’s impact is still felt deeply in our cultures.

Top Mythology Podcasts

Among the captivating array of mythology podcasts available, several stand out for those excited to learn from ancient tales. These podcasts invite listeners to dive into rich stories of gods, heroes, and monsters.

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby | A Greek & Roman Mythology Podcast

Liv hosts this popular podcast, offering stories of gods, goddesses, and mythical beings from Greek and Roman mythologies. She presents the tales with humor and a modern touch, which makes them fun and easy to understand. Her approach helps make these ancient stories interesting and accessible for everyone.

Myths and Legends

“Myths and Legends” explores stories from cultures worldwide, both famous and obscure. Each episode breathes life into ancient tales, from the vast epics of old societies to the enchanting myths of indigenous peoples. This podcast takes listeners on a diverse and fascinating journey through captivating mythological realms.

The Exploring Series

“The Exploring Series” is perfect for those wanting to learn more about myths from various worlds. It covers topics such as Cthulhu Mythos, Middle-earth, and Norse Mythology. The podcast offers detailed looks at these myths, making it ideal for both experienced fans and newcomers. It serves as a great starting point to explore these legendary stories further.


“Spirits” is a fun podcast about myths, legends, and folklore. It’s hosted by two friends who enjoy a drink while talking about stories. This weekly show gives a new spin on old myths and shares new tales with the audience.

The hosts mix storytelling with fun conversations in each episode. They add a bit of their favorite drink to the mix. Thus, creating a special, not to mention tipsy, way to learn about myths and legends.

The podcast is all about sharing stories from different cultures in a casual way. Listeners get to enjoy drinks with the hosts as they chat about ancient tales. It makes exploring the world of mythology feel like a fun hangout.

Our Fake History

Uncovering the truth is the goal of “Our Fake History.” This podcast is led by the talented Sebastian Major. It mixes storytelling, humor, and deep historical research to untangle myths and tall tales.

The podcast is a mix of research and discussion. It looks closely at how myths have influenced our views of the past. By doing this, listeners get a clearer picture of what’s real in history and what’s fiction.

“Our Fake History” looks at myths behind big events and famous stories. It’s where mythology podcasts, history podcasts, and myth debunking meet. Listeners will enjoy and learn from Sebastian Major’s quest to reveal the truths behind old myths and legends.

Living Myth

Diving into mythology podcasts, “Living Myth” is unlike any other. It journeys through mythological narratives. These stories show us how to find transformative insights. The show is led by renowned mythologist and storyteller, Michael Meade. Thanks to his unique view, the podcast helps us see through the eyes of mythic storytelling.

The show dives deep into the wisdom of myths. It argues that big problems need big solutions. It’s not just about practical steps. We need wide imaginations and stories that change us. Mythology podcasts like “Living Myth” want to make us understand life better. They help us face modern challenges in a new way.

“Living Myth” offers talks and tales that make us think. It shows us how certain stories and ideas are part of all our lives. The podcast uses old myths and new challenges to help us transform.

mythic storytelling

If you love mythology podcasts, or if you’re just curious about life, “Living Myth” is a must-listen. It shows how mythic storytelling can change us. It opens our eyes to a bigger, more complete view of our world.

Engaging Mythological Narratives

Step into the fascinating world of mythology with podcasts. They tell stories that draw you in and make you think. These shows cover everything from dark folklore to the meaning behind myths. Listeners get to explore myths in new and exciting ways.

Mythos Podcast

The Mythos Podcast is all about tales from around the world. It weaves together stories with beautiful music. Listeners feel like they’re in a world of ancient myths. In this realm, normal life and magic mix. The tales are full of wonder and mystery.

The Faerie Folk Podcast

The Faerie Folk Podcast guides you through the UK’s folklore and legends. You’ll hear amazing fairy tales and stories of Celtic creatures. It’s a journey through Britain’s rich mythological heritage. This podcast brings these timeless tales to life.

Myth Matters

Myth Matters looks at the role of myths today. It’s hosted by Catherine Svehla, a myth and psychology expert. The show dives into how old stories still teach us about life. It helps us find wisdom for dealing with the world now.

Mythology Podcasts and Channels

A look at many mythology podcasts and channels shows a wide view of cultures. These shows tell old myths, legends, and stories from different places.

Celtic Myths and Legends Podcast

The “Celtic Myths and Legends Podcast” is a deep dive into Celtic stories. It covers myths, legends, and magical creatures, giving a peek at ancient tales.

Myths Your Teacher Hated Podcast

The “Myths Your Teacher Hated Podcast” tells stories from across the globe directly. It opens up mythologies not often talked about, welcoming listeners to a varied world of stories.

Tales of the Night Sky | Greek & Roman Star Myths

“Tales of the Night Sky” mixes sound and stories to explore myths of the stars. Listeners get to enjoy unique tales of ancient mythologies in a lively audio drama format.

Drunk Mythology

Looking for a fun way to learn about myths? “Drunk Mythology” shares stories with a fun, tipsy twist, focusing on legendary figures and gods. It’s a light but educational podcast.

mythology podcasts

Exploring Cultural Diversity

Mythology is like a large, colorful quilt. It’s made of stories from many cultures. These stories share human wisdom and experiences through time and place. They range from huge heroic epics to the magical tales of smaller groups. Together, they give us a look at how people think and imagine over the years.

Heroic Epics and Legendary Tales

Imagine diving into tales of brave heroes, gods, and mysterious beings. These mythological podcasts let us explore ancient Greek and Roman epics. We can also enjoy Norse myths and the stories of many other peoples. It’s a key to understanding the worldviews and big dreams of past cultures.

Oral Traditions and Folklore Stories

Besides the big epics, mythology podcasts also cover everyday tales from different places. They give us a peek at various communities’ beliefs and ways. These stories hold timeless lessons and creativity. They’ve touched people’s hearts for generations.

Enjoying mythological narratives helps us connect with everyone’s stories. We find common themes and the magic of storytelling itself. This study through mythology podcasts shows how these ancient stories still matter. They add beauty and meaning to our lives today.


This article has guided you through the magical world of mythology. We’ve explored top podcasts and channels. Now, you can start a journey through ancient tales and learn about different cultures.

Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Norse myths offer timeless wisdom. These stories introduce captivating heroes and transformation. The options in this article are perfect for both myth lovers and beginners. You’ll discover the deep impact of mythological tales.

Dive into the oral tales and myths of various cultures worldwide. This journey isn’t just about entertaining stories. It’s an adventure that could change the way you see the world. Get ready to be inspired and learn from these ancient stories.


What are some of the top-rated mythology podcasts and channels to explore?

You’ll find great podcasts and channels like “Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby,” and “Myths and Legends.” Also, “The Exploring Series,” “Spirits,” “Our Fake History,” and “Living Myth” are excellent choices. You’ll get to enjoy interesting stories, deep looks, and different views on myths and legends from all over the world.

What types of mythological narratives can listeners discover through these podcasts?

Listeners can enjoy many types of mythology. They include the big stories from ancient Greece and Rome. Also, the magical tales from Celtic and Norse cultures. And stories from different backgrounds around the world. These podcasts are your step into a world full of mythological wonders and stories.

How do the podcasts approach the exploration of mythology?

Each podcast has its own special way to explore myths. “Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby” tells myths in a funny way. On the other hand, “Living Myth” looks at them deeply and meaningfully. “Our Fake History” mixes stories with finding the truth behind myths. And “Spirits” adds a fun, drinking twist to myths.

What is the significance of exploring the cultural diversity of mythology through these podcasts?

It’s important to check out many mythologies through these podcasts. It shows how much these stories still matter to everyone. From the big hero stories of old cultures to the fairy tales of indigenous people, these myths teach us a lot. They offer a deep look into what different societies have believed and learned over history.

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