Discover the Truth Behind Revenants: Unveiling the Mysteries

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

In the uncharted worlds of Rimworld, a troubling creature draws eyes. It’s the Revenant, a next-level entity from the Anomaly DLC. This being is a restless soul bound to the earthly plane, stuck between here and the afterlife. It can become invisible and disappear after attacking its prey. These supernatural entities are a major danger to those not ready, messing with their minds.

To survive in Rimworld, knowing about enigmatic revenants is key. This means grasping their origins, actions, and how to spot and defeat them. We’re here to dig into the secrets of ghosts, spirits, and apparitions. Let’s find out what lies in the space between life and death.

Key Takeaways

  • The Revenant is an advanced entity introduced in the Rimworld Anomaly DLC, posing a significant threat to unprepared colonies.
  • Revenants are restless souls bound to the earthly plane, trapped between life and death, with the ability to turn invisible and flee after attacking.
  • Understanding the origins, behaviors, and methods of detecting and defeating revenants is crucial for survival in Rimworld.
  • Revenants can cripple colonies by repeatedly returning to hypnotize colonists, making them a formidable and unsettling challenge.
  • Exploring the mysteries surrounding these supernatural entities, including ghosts, spirits, and apparitions, is key to unveiling the truth behind their haunting presence.

Exploring the Chilling Realm of Revenants

Revenants are special beings caught between life and death. They are restless souls bound to the earthly plane. Known as REVENANTS, they are not fully alive or completely dead. They act on unknown wishes and fill our world with their shocking presence.

Restless Souls Bound to the Earthly Plane

REVENANTS have a power to go invisible. They watch their target before striking with their cold actions. These beings, called SPECTERS and WRAITHS, live in a blurry world. Here, the border between the living and UNDEAD is hard to see. This makes the place around them eerie and tense.

Trapped Between Life and Death

The REVENANTS cannot reach peace or a deep sleep. They are PHANTOMS and APPARITIONS who stay, led by a hidden goal. Their deeds are often full of secrets. Knowing about these POLTERGEISTS and the strange situation they are in is key. It helps to understand the REVENANTS‘ mysteries.

Origins and Occurrences of REVENANTS

The mysterious REVENANTS make their first appearance in the Anomaly DLC of Rimworld. They show up in colonies with at least four people. It hints that they come to places packed with energy, like thriving towns.

Mysterious Cargo Quest and Revenant Spine

But, there’s a twist to it. A colony can also get a REVENANT through the Mysterious Cargo quest. This quest gives them a Revenant Spine. The spine is crucial as it helps the REVENANT come back, slowly or when held in a container. It connects us with these mysterious beings, letting us grasp their secret ways.

Anomaly DLC and Population Threshold

The game’s Anomaly DLC shows how much effort went into making REVENANTS a part of the game’s lore. It details the conditions under which they come to life, like needing a certain number of people in a colony. This requirement points to their preference for lively places, places bursting with life.

By exploring these ghostly beings, researchers learn more about their nature. They find out why they appear and the role they play in Rimworld’s world. Each discovery adds to the intrigue of these chilling entities.

Revenant Behavior and Abilities

REVENANTS are mysterious beings stuck between life and death. They have eerie powers that pose a real threat to the living. One of their scariest abilities is to hypnotize people. This makes their victims fall into a deep, endless sleep. Once under their spell, people can’t escape as the REVENANTS chase them relentlessly.

Hypnotizing Victims into Unconsciousness

The REVENANTS’ ability to hypnotize brings a lot of fear. They can make even strong people completely helpless with just a look. Those in their grip experience terrifying dreams and cannot move. This makes it easy for the REVENANTS to feed on their energy while they sleep.

Fleeing and Hibernating After Attacks

After attacking, REVENANTS don’t stay around. They quickly disappear, moving with supernatural speed and vanishing through INVISIBILITY. Then, they go into a deep sleep. But they will wake up to harm and hypnotize others later. This cycle of attack and retreat is what keeps them as formidable foes, always making their presence felt.

Revenant Ability Description
Hypnotization The REVENANT can hypnotize victims, causing them to fall unconscious and become trapped in a state of perpetual reverie.
Invisibility REVENANTS possess the ability to turn invisible, allowing them to stalk their prey and disappear after attacks.
Supernatural Speed These UNDEAD entities display remarkable speed, enabling them to quickly close the distance on their victims and then swiftly retreat.
Hibernation After a successful attack, the REVENANT will go into a hibernation-like state, only to reawaken and resume its HAUNTING at a later time.

Revealing and Tracking the Invisible Threat

REVENANTS can go invisible after they attack, which makes them hard to see and fight. But, we have ways to detect and find these invisible threats. This means you can face PHANTOMS, SPECTERS, and WRAITHS directly.

Methods of Detection and Revealing

Get them with attack damage, fire, EMP, or disruptor flares to show where a REVENANT is. Some PSYCASTS like waterskip and vertigo pulse can also reveal these hidden UNDEAD foes. Mixing these ways helps find and get ready for REVENANTS.

Studying Revenant Flesh for Insights

The remains of a REVENANT give us clues about their weaknesses. By checking the APPARITIONS and PHANTOMS they leave, we can understand these POLTERGEISTS better. This helps us know how to fight them more effectively next time.

Figuring out the secrets of REVENANTS and their HAUNTING ways is key for your colony’s safety. By using detection and study methods, you can be ready to find and take on these hidden SPIRITS if they come to your settlement.

Countering and Defeating Revenants

Defeating REVENANTS, these mysterious Ghosts and Spirits, is really hard. They make Apparitions and Phantoms invisible. This, plus they run away, makes them tough to fight. But, we have ways to fight back. We can use different strategies to beat these supernatural Specters and Wraiths.

Finding them first is key. You can see them through bruises after attacks, using weapons made for Undead, and special psycasts like waterskip and vertigo pulse. When you find them, use skills that they can’t fight against to win. This keeps your colony safe.

You also need to plan and use your resources wisely to get rid of REVENANTS. Make sure you have the right tools, weapons, and knowledge. These things can make beating Haunting foes easier and keep your settlement safe.

Method Effectiveness Drawbacks
Damage-based Detection Reliable in revealing the revenant’s location after an attack Requires the revenant to initiate an attack first
Psycasts (Waterskip, Vertigo Pulse) Effective in temporarily exposing the revenant’s position Limited uses and require specialized knowledge
Trapping and Containment Can secure the revenant and prevent further attacks Requires specialized equipment and resources to maintain
Powerful Weapons and Abilities Can overcome the revenant’s resistance and eliminate the threat Requires significant investment in research and development

Use a mix of finding, trapping, and attacking to fight REVENANTS. This mix gives your colony a better shot at winning. A good plan and knowing your enemy are key. They help your colony survive and thrive against these scary enemies.

Yield and Containment of Revenants

REVENANTS are a big worry for colonies but can be very helpful if caught right. They offer bioferrite and power, helping colonies grow technologically. So, they are a plus for any colony wanting to boost their development.

Resource Generation and Containment Requirements

But catching a REVENANT is quite difficult. A special holding platform and a strong enough containment (at least 80) are needed. They might try to escape every 45 days, so constant watch and enough resources to keep them in check are crucial.

To really benefit from a REVENANT, you need to get your monolith level to 1. This lets you learn a lot more about these beings. With new knowledge, colonists can better understand and strategize against SPECTERS, WRAITHS, and POLTERGEISTS.

Containment Requirement Value
Holding Platform Required
Minimum Containment Strength 80
Base Escape Interval 45 days
Monolith Level Required 1

Containing REVENANTS gives colonies new tech chances and insights into these mysterious beings. The fascination and fears they bring to humans are truly deep and endless.


Cultural and Historical Significance

The idea of revenants, or spirits that can’t leave the earth, is a key theme in many myths and tales. These beings are known by many names: REVENANTS, Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, Phantoms, Specters, Wraiths, and Undead. They’re at the heart of numerous stories, beliefs, and rituals. They offer a peek into the mysterious world between life and death that draws people in.

Folklore and Mythology Surrounding Revenants

In different cultures, REVENANTS are seen as spirits not at rest. They were people who died sudden or unnatural deaths. Because of this, they carry on as Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, Phantoms, Specters, or Wraiths. These tales of Undead REVENANTS and their Poltergeists have powerfully impacted stories and what we think about death and the next world.

Societal Beliefs and Rituals

The stories of REVENANTS have also influenced how societies view and deal with death and spirits. There are traditions where certain rites, like how one is buried or what’s placed in their tomb, aimed to calm the spirits. The thought was, this would keep them from turning into Apparitions, Phantoms, Specters, or Wraiths that might Haunt the ones still living.

And there’s the fear of REVENANTS and Poltergeists, leading to practices meant to keep them away. These include rites to ward them off or banish them, revealing their deep influence on how people act and think.

Revenant Encounters in Popular Media

REVENANTS have a unique pull, crossing over from games into popular culture. Movies and books draw from their mysterious world. They dive deep into life, death, and what may linger beyond.

Depictions in Movies and Literature

REVENANTS are often seen in movies now. The South Korean film “Revenant” digs into their eerie effect on us. They also star in classic tales, with ghosts that echo long after the story ends.

These stories not only entertain but also make us think. They touch on our endless curiosity about the afterlife. Authors and filmmakers explore deep, dark questions. This captures our interest in these ghostly beings all over again.


The way we see REVENANTS in media keeps changing. Now, we have everything from spooky horror to deep, reflective stories. Through it all, the appeal is clear. These tales both fascinate and disturb us, making us consider what might exist beyond life as we know it.


Revenants, these enigmatic and haunting entities, have charmed many. They capture the likes of game developers, storytellers, and those who love culture. By exploring their origins and what they do, we understand why REVENANTS, Ghosts, Spirits, Apparitions, Phantoms, and others are so interesting. We see how they continue to fascinate and sometimes scare us.

When we talk about REVENANTS, we face something very powerful: the unknown. They make us think about deep questions about life and death. These ghostly beings teach us about the supernatural and also about being human. They show our interest in what we can’t see and the mysteries that bind us together.

Exploring REVENANTS, Ghosts, and others opens a door to a strange world. It’s a world where being alive or not isn’t clear. This journey challenges what we know. And it promises to keep making us curious and a little afraid. It pushes us to keep seeking answers to the secrets beyond what we can see.


What are revenants?

Revenants are scary, mysterious beings in Rimworld’s Anomaly DLC. They search for colonists to hypnotize. These are lost souls between life and death, able to vanish after attacking.

How do revenants spawn in a Rimworld colony?

Four or more colonists are needed for revenants to appear. You can also get a Revenant Spine through a quest. This spine can make a revenant come back to life or contain them.

What abilities do revenants possess?

Revenants can freeze their prey with hypnosis. They vanish after their attack, going into hiding. They will then come back for more, using their speed and swiftness to their advantage.

How can revenants be detected and revealed?

Revenants are hard to spot because they can turn invisible. But they leave behind clues like damage and you can also reveal them with types of attacks. Certain psycasts and attacking with specific weapons also work. By studying the remainders after a battle, you can learn more about them too.

How can revenants be defeated?

Even though revenants are tough, they can be beaten. Proven strategies include using special detection methods, trapping them, and attacking with precise, powerful weapons. These can overcome their strong resistances.

Can revenants be contained and studied?

Yes, you can keep revenants and learn from them. Containment demands strong enough facilities and watching them closely because they might escape. By carefully observing and analyzing them, you can gain deeper insights.

What is the cultural and historical significance of revenants?

Revenants, spirits stuck in the physical world, are found in many folklores and traditions. For centuries, they’ve fascinated people worldwide, symbolizing the mysteries of life and death.

How have revenants been represented in popular media?

Throughout history, media has portrayed revenants in many ways, from horror to drama. Titles like the South Korean show “Revenant” and literature feature them prominently, showing their lasting impact on our culture.

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