Shadow Sprinter: The Chase of the Sigbin

Written By Jason Kim

Writing stories of mythical proportions.

On the outskirts of the tranquil town of Visayas, where days passed in a slow dance and nights echoed tales of the supernatural, a legend stirred, the legend of the Sigbin, the blood-thirsty predator of the night.

The Sigbin, with its canine form and elongated tail, was an entity wrapped in the shroud of danger. Its agility was unmatched, a fleeting shadow on the moonlit streets, whispering the arrival of a deadly hunter. It lurked in the abandoned corners of the town, the silent graveyards its favored haunts.


One unfortunate evening, Antonio, a roguish teenager known for his daring spirit, challenged the town’s legend. Spurred by a sense of invincibility that youth often boasts, he ventured out in the dead of the night, marching straight into the hunting ground of the Sigbin.

The creature, hidden in the gloom of the graveyard, felt the disturbance. With the swiftness of a predator, it slipped out of its hiding, tail trailing behind like a sinister specter. Antonio froze, the harsh reality of his recklessness seeping in. The tales he had scoffed at no longer seemed mere stories.

The Sigbin lunged, a flash of dark menace against the dimly lit backdrop. Antonio, fear lending him speed, darted away, a breathless chase igniting in the stillness of the night. The town held its breath, the echo of his desperate footsteps a chilling testament to the Sigbin’s terror.

In a desperate bid for his life, Antonio dashed into a nearby chapel. As the hallowed ground embraced him, the Sigbin faltered at the threshold, an unseen barrier holding the beast at bay. Its monstrous growls filled the air before it receded back into the shadows, its prey slipping out of its lethal grasp.


Antonio returned home at dawn, his former bravado replaced by a newfound respect for the legends of his town. His tale, laced with a shiver of fear and awe, gave a fresh lease of life to the legend of the Sigbin.

The story of the Sigbin, a chilling tale spun on the loom of Visayas nights, offered a stark reminder. Arrogance has no place when facing forces beyond human comprehension, and survival often depends on respecting the unseen terrors that lurk in the dark.

Sigbin – Creature from the Philippines

The sigbin, a creature of Philippine folklore, is shrouded in darkness and known for its chilling attributes. Resembling a dog-like creature with a long tail, its presence evokes fear and unease. This sinister being is believed to possess the ability to suck the blood of its victims, lurking in the depths of darkness and despair.

Often whispered about in hushed tones, the sigbin is said to frequent ominous places like dark alleyways, cobweb-laden corners, and desolate graveyards. Its agility and swiftness make it a formidable predator, capable of pouncing on unsuspecting individuals in an instant. The sigbin strikes fear into the hearts of those who hear its name, its shadowy figure haunting the nightmares of many.


It is believed that the sigbin’s bite is venomous and potentially fatal. Its powerful jaws can puncture the skin, its fangs injecting a dark and potent substance into the bloodstream of its victims. The effects of this venom are said to be swift and agonizing, leading to a slow and painful demise.

While the terror of encountering a sigbin is deeply ingrained in folklore, it is important to note that these tales are rooted in myth and legend. The existence of the sigbin remains a topic of debate and speculation, with no concrete evidence to support its reality.

Nevertheless, the lore of the sigbin serves as a cautionary tale, warning against venturing into the unknown and being wary of shadowy figures. It reminds us of the power of imagination and the human fascination with the darkness that lies beneath the surface of the everyday world.

As the night falls and the imagination wanders, the sigbin continues to occupy a terrifying place in the depths of our collective consciousness, an emblem of danger and the mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

The Mysterious Sigbin

The Sigbin is a peculiar creature with unique features. It walks in a most unusual manner, with its head lowered between its hind legs, moving backward in mysterious grace. Resembling a goat without horns, its appearance is marked by gigantic ears that it can cleverly clap like a pair of hands. But beware, for its long, flexible tail is not just an ordinary appendage – it can whip with uncanny strength.

What sets the Sigbin apart is its ability to become unseen. It possesses the gift of invisibility, a stealth ability that allows it to elude the watchful eyes of other creatures, especially humans. This power of concealment makes it an elusive and enigmatic entity.


A Sigbin brings more than just fear; it emits a nauseating odor that permeates the air. Its foul scent acts as a warning, an olfactory signal to those who may cross its path.

During Holy Week, a time of great significance, the Sigbin emerges from its hidden lair. It is said that it seeks out children, driven by a dark longing for their hearts. These innocent hearts are transformed into talismans, worn by the Sigbin as it continues its nocturnal existence.

Within this mythical realm, families known as Sigbinan possess a remarkable gift – the power to command these eerie creatures. Legends speak of their ability to control Sigbins, keeping them confined within clay jars. Among these mysterious beings, the Aswang are said to keep Sigbins as pets, their bond an eerie connection between predator and companion.

The Mysterious Origin

The origins of the Sigbin remain uncertain. Some speculate that it may be based on sightings of a real animal, rarely seen. It is believed to be related to the kangaroo, a creature that hails from faraway lands. Could it be a vagrant species that found its way to the Philippines from Australia during ancient migrations, millions of years ago? The mystery deepens, as tales suggest a reddish-brown hue, reminiscent of the red kangaroo. However, the Sigbin’s carnivorous nature sets it apart from its herbivorous distant relative.

In the Visayas Islands and Mindanao, especially in the rural corners of these lands, whispers and tales of the Sigbin enchant the imaginations of those who hear them. Some claim it possesses a canine resemblance and is favored by wealthy individuals who hide these peculiar creatures within the confines of clay jars.

The mystery of the Sigbin remains a captivating enigma, leaving us to wonder if it is merely a myth or a creature yet to be fully understood. Its legacy endures, as these legends continue to enthrall the young and old, captivating their curiosity and inspiring their imagination.

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